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  • Couples can choose to see a male / female team with over 40 years combined experience
  • Day, evening and weekend appointments available
  • Covered by most insurance plans or sliding fee scale
  • Respectful and Confidential Environment
  • Relaxed environment with personalized treatment for every client

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Flexible day, evening and weekend appointments available

Trillium Counselling in Guelph, Ontario is located in Puslinch, Ontario 15 minutes from downtown Guelph or Cambridge


With 30+ years experience, our approach brings the perspective of both a male and female therapist to insure your sessions feel safe and productive. Effective tools can lead to better understanding, less arguing and more happiness. You can move through conflict as friends, without stress, without feeling like enemies. You can create win/win feelings for yourself and your partner. Triggers happen. We'll show you why and how to resolve them and be in love again.

We work with all relationship stages: marriage preparation, first serious relationship, mid-life or mature partnerships. We work with you primarily as a couple and use one-to-one sessions as required. 

We are trained in many modalities including: Mindfulness, Family of Origin, Inner Child Work (re-parenting), and Cognitive Behaviour Change.

We provide a therapeutically rich environment, guiding you to discover the couple you want to become or reclaim the lost couple you once were. It's possible to reconnect with your partner and rekindle the intimacy and passion in your relationship. We offer phone support between sessions and provide day/evening and weekend appointments.


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